Our Aims

The Group aims to support the people of East Suffolk, filling a need that is not available elsewhere, and sees itself providing the following services;

  • The opportunity for all members to support each other and anyone else who is affected directly or indirectly by this disease. Group members can offer a personal and complimentary view to that given by the medical profession, and can share experiences on a variety of treatments.
  • The Group plans to make available literature, information on disease and details of locally available resources. Many new sufferers will be desperate for information that they can consider in private, but for example, may not have the opportunity to access the internet or may be too embarrassed to ask for more information.
  • The Group wishes to raise awareness of issues around Prostate cancer, both locally and nationally . We recognise the problems associated with mass screening and the counselling of potential sufferers, but progress has to be made in these areas.
  • The Group recognises the very important role that self-support has for cancer sufferers, and as a consequence, the social aspect of this Group has a high priority and time is given to this aspect at every meeting.
  • The Group aims to raise finance to be able to carry out the above services.
  • To abide by the “Declaration of Good Practice”.

As A Group:

  1. We share clear aims and objectives.
  2. We run the group according to our members’ needs, in a clear and accountable manner.
  3. We welcome everyone equally, and it is a priority to make the group open and accessible.
  4. We aim to support and train our helpers and volunteers.
  5. We make sure that everyone within the group understands and respects confidentiality.
  6. We listen to each other and respond with sensitivity.
  7. We provide accurate, practical information, but do not give advice or make recommendations.
  8. We support each other through our losses, allowing time and space to talk about fears and grief.
  9. We work in co-operation with professionals, and aim to build a close and informal relationship with all Hospital and Medical staff.


At a group gathering, Guest speakers are invited to make a presentation to the meeting, after which tea/coffee/biscuits are available, and the group socialise and talk among themselves. According to group members this is one of the most important times, as this is where people discuss their problems and fears without embarrassment, with other like minded people.

Families and friends are most welcome and become members in their own right. Relatives and friends go through many anxieties during this period and need to discuss these also.